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  • The Italian manager coached Roma during 2005-2009, he had great achievements in the club for leading the team to win Coppa Italia twice during 2006-08, Supercoppa Italiana in 2007 and Serie A runners-up for Cheap FIFA Coins three consecutive years. Besides, he led Roma to get 11 wins in a row and was named the best coach of Serie A in 2006.

    Spalletti is happy to return to Roma and work with valuable people. Roma president James Pallotta says that they are very delighted to welcome back Spalletti, and theyhope tocooperate with him again to lead Rome to obtain great achievements.

    Fifacoinvip where sell the cheapest FIFA coins look forward to FUT Coins his wonderful performances in Roma. Last News : Van Gaal Believes Manchester United Can Do Better Roma Sack Rudi GarciaPredictions on FOIFA