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  • Improvements made to balance sprinting dribble turns.  Buy fifa 16 coins on fifacoinvip Last News : Real Madrid announced the King Cup 17 man squad Next News : Some awards announced by FIFAStars Suarez, Iniesta, Kane lead field of Cheap FIFA 16 Coins the latest FUT As the most favored mode by EA Sports,

    Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 has allowing fans have more chance to gain access to some of the best players and improve their team. This week, the biggest included superstars are Luis Suarez and Iniesta, which has lead the field of FUT this week.

    They have instrumentally won over Real Madrid. What’s more, Harry Kane has also scored a lot for Tottenham. The attacking line of FUT Coins this week includes Suarez, Kane and Kruse in a supported role. While Iniesta, Holtby and Barkley are selected as midfielder by EA Sports.