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The referee will mathieu pulling action

  • The 51st minute, trevor molina cross mistakes directly to busquets, professor cloth straight before the calm, suarez right foot low shot, 4-1. The 57th minute, pulled a goal back, add mei luo from the left, mathieu roof caving, points to FIFA 16 Coins follow up after jose Antonio reyes volley that scored from close range, 4-2.

    The 72th minute, trevor molina cross from the left, d tauro follow-up header above the lintel, the referee will mathieu pulling action, to sevilla penalty, plus mei luo one-on-one hit, root, boot from the lower left corner, 4-3.

    Equaliser on 81 minutes, sevilla, who scored the Buy FIFA 15 Coins kono PuLiYang card, mariano throw foul ball on the right side, the moby's bottom line cross, the far post following kono PuLiYang card finish foil, 4-4.