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Sue god for FIFA suspended for a long time

  • In addition to 4-0 victory away elche when the opponent is the Spanish team, other competitors are little walsall. In other words, the data is actually not much reference value.Suarez not selected in the golden top, also do not have to FIFA 16 Coins be included in the FIFA team of the year.

    But Sue god says he received an invitation from FIFA actually, but he refused to attend the golden ceremony. Obviously, Sue god for FIFA suspended for a long time still feel unconvinced. Sue god said: "Barcelona jersey the world the most beautiful in the world's best teams play center, means that there are a lot of chances.
    Sometimes people think it is very easy, but it is not the case. In Barcelona, messi is the best in the world, in the maldives is the world's second. When messi was injured, I had a lot of games with his support. None of us want to FUT Coins become a hero, NO one wants to be the best.