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FIFA Real Madrid big data public on Fifacoinvip

  • The men cup Barcelona beat roma won three successive championships The 50th men cup, Barcelona 3-0 romped to FIFA 16 Coins Rome, do the men cup championships, scored the is omar, Lionel messi and Kitty.

    Barca this summer to play four matches in the champions league, 2-1, beat the Los Angeles galaxy 1-3 defeat to Manchester united, 2-4 defeat to Chelsea on penalties, 1-2 fail at fiorentina. This is the 50th men cup history, 49th Barcelona after 37 times. In the past two years, the men of the cup,

    Barcelona has achieved victory (8-0 victory santos, 6-0 win and Leon), but when Barcelona lost the men cup 2012, to Buy FIFA 15 Coins is the serie a club (1-0 sampdoria).26 minutes,