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Barcelona made the ultimate offer for FIFA

  • Teixeira Joins Jiangsu SuningBarcelona Will Have No New Signing According to Fifacoinvip reported, Barcelona failed to buy Celta striker Nolito. Celta did not accept the final offer from Barcelona. So he has no chance to FIFA Coins join Barcelona this winter.

    Barcelona made the ultimate offer for Nolito. This season they want on loan him and have a buyout clause at the end of the season, but Celta rejected the proposal, they want Barcelona direct to have a buyout on him.  

    Enrique had been informed of Buy FIFA 15 Coins the final result, they also determine that there will be no new aid in the winter transfer this year. More information is on Fifacoinvip where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins. Last News : Chelsea Signed a Talent Back