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  • It is reported that Real Madrid hope Juventus can reduce the transfer fee of Cheap FIFA Coins Vidal, Juventus would want to withdraw 30 million euros through Vidal. The formal transaction is expected to see after the end of America's Cup.


    In last season, Vidal, 28-year-old, played 45 times for Juventus with scoring 8 goals and 5 assists. Buy cheap fifa coins on fifacoinvip Last News : Manchester City prices Dzeko at 28 million Next News : Schneiderlin eventually holds hand with the Red DevilsEverton also wants to sign Ogbonna Accroring to the Daily Mail message, Everton also takes a fancy to Juventus defender Ogbonna, it will compete with West Ham United. Ogbonna, 27-year-old, joined Juventus from Torino in the summer of 2013.


    He was worth up to 13 million Euros at that time. But due to Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins the intense competition in the Juventus, despite being the regular for Italian national team, Ogbonna only played 25 matches in the league matches for Juventus last season. In order to participate in European Cup next year, Ogbonna has to consider transferring to other team.