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You can buyThe Descent today on Xbox One

  • The next amplification for BioWare's 2014 roleplaying game, Dragon Age Inquisition, is now available.Announced beforehand this month, The Descent is a singleplayer amplification in which players biking to the base of a new dungeon, afoot beyond the Deep Roads in an attack to "uncover some of FIFA 17 Coins. Thedas' darkest secrets." It will not be a airing in the park, BioWare says, as the awful Darkspawncreatures that ample the dungeonare no pushovers. Analysis out the video beneath to see the agreeable in action.

    You can buyThe Descent today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for $15. As advanced announced, Dragon Age Inquisition DLC is no best advancing to lastgeneration consoles FIFA 16 Coins.Dragon Age Inquisition's aboriginal expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, was somewhat arguable in that it launched aboriginal on Xbox One and PC through a timedexclusivity adjustment with Microsoft.In added account about Dragon Age Inquisition, Xbox One owners can now play it for chargeless through EA Access.