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Velocity 2X is a shoot-'em-up/platformer advancing

  • Velocity 2X is a shoot-'em-up/platformer advancing to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita from FuturLab, and the flat provided data on the development of the game's visuals today, alternating with a new gameplay trailer FIFA 17 Coins.The 10-person aggregation at FuturLab includes three artists, and they advised the attending of Velocity 2X in the appearance of the aboriginal Flashback from 1992 as able-bodied as Eric Chahi's Accession World.


    The flat initially had abstracted targets for the cartoon on PS Vita and PS4, but was able to beat its goals. Velocity 2X now appearance a array of absorbing beheld effects, and runs at 60 frames per added on both platforms (in 1080p on PS4 and at the PS Vita's built-in resolution of 960 x 544).According to FuturLab, today's bivouac contains footage from an alpha adjustment of Velocity 2X — "there's still affluence larboard to do," said James Marsden, the studio's managing director Buy FIFA 17 Coins. That includes touch-up plan on the animations for advocate Lt. Kai Tana and the designing of added levels.Velocity 2X will be arise afterwards this year with abutment for cross-save and cross-buy. Antecedent PlayStation Blog Allotment Tweet