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Operation Supply Drop's 8-Bit Salute event

  • The latest application forUncharted 3 Drake's Deceptionbrings the bold to adjustment 1.19, with the basic change accepting a leaderboard clean above-mentioned to developer Naughty Dog's accord in the accessible Operation Supply Drop alms gaming marathon, the flat arise today.Patch 1.19, which will be accessible this week, aswell changessome Block Mesh maps in aggregation deathmatch and The Lab. Naughty Dog isresetting the multiplayer leaderboards in adjustment to "give anybody a alpha alpha for our accessible accord in Operation Supply Drop's 8-Bit Salute event," saidcommunity artist Eric Monacelli Tree Of Savior Silver. He added that with this update,Naughty Dog is "winding down" application abutment forUncharted 3, which was arise in November 2011.

    Operation Supply Drop, a accommodating alignment that deliversvideo amateur to troops about the world, is captivation a 24-hour gaming marathonthis weekend the third ceremony 8-Bit Salute Cheap TOS Silver.The accident runs from 9 a.m. ET on Saturday, May 17, to9 a.m. ET on Sunday, May 18. Naughty Dog will be accommodating with a livestream on its Twitch channelfrom 3 p.m. ET on May 17 to3 a.m. ET on May 18, and association ally will yield over from 3 a.m. to3 p.m. ET. During the stream, the flat will bedoing giveaways for copies of its amateur and DLC, including the Jak andDaxter Collection and theGame of the Year Archetype ofUncharted 3.For added on Operation Supply Drop, assay out our affection on the alms and itsfounder, Stephen Machuga.