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2 types of waxes used with common seals

  • Wax seals are not as popular as they once were due to the decline of handwritten correspondence. Once upon a time, an individual's stationery and wax seal were representative of his taste and social standing as well as an important part of his business and daily life. Today, letter writing is more of an art than a daily task, and beautiful stationery with impressive wax seals are considered luxury items, saved for only the most special of occasions. 

    Since the Middle Ages, wax seals have been adding an element of distinction and authentication to contracts, deTF bearing componentscrees and correspondence. Initially, wax seals were used exclusively by royal courts, 
    monarchs and bishops, but as time passed and democracy flourished, this practice spread to include aristocrats and others in high social standing. By the thirteenth century, even commoners made use of company seals and wax seals as signatures on contracts, wills,steel bearing housing manufacturer and company documents. Wax seals were no longer used exclusively by the wealthy and aristocratic, as they grew in popularity and became especially helpful to commoners who were illiterate. 

    Seals have changed drastically over the years in regards to flexibility and durability. Whether you choose a wicked or a wickless variety, the wax is almost always sold in stick form. When you require a company seal in Singapore or a decree in England, you will also want to choose an appropriate color for your wax seal. Commonly chosen today are the traditional colours of red and black. Let's explore the two most common types of wax used today. 

    While traditional wax dries quickly and offers a superior level of authenticity, this formula is not recommended for sending through the mail as the seal is likely to chip and break. Still, many adhere to the tradition of using this type of wax, often melted with the presence of a wick, finding the wax ideal.A new modern formula has been designed to help wax seals survive the mechanical processes letters go through by the United Postal Service. This modern wax does not normally require an open flame, as it can be manipulated with a glue gun or premade adhesive, and is often chosen for mass mailings such as social events and wedding invitations. Modern wax is much more flexible, allowing seals more flexibility and a shiny appearance that is akin to plastic. 

    When choosing a wax seal for your wedding stationery, social event or business transaction, remember that this symbol represents who you are and what you stand for. There are many options such as materials used and the shape chosen to create your seal. As for wax seal design, you can choose something ornate and interesting but many opt for a traditional monogram featuring the first letter of their surname.