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When it comes to young talents in FIFA

  • FabinhoUndoubtedly, one of the most promising right side of the game and, although Fabinho is not as fast as Wendell, has better defensive stats on labeling, theft and tickets.His  Fifa 17 Coins is not bad with 82, meaning he will be able to walk up and down the band many times as you need.It may not seem much, but he is a real lifesaver when he has to run back and to cover both the left side and the right, positions where you can also participate without problems.Your score will reach a total of 87, which will make it one of the best central defenders in the game.

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    Do not using Fake Likes and Fake Traffics.Prizes1. If the winner want to get free coins , we can exchange for Coins base on the points price. Three weeks in a row to participate in our weekly fifa 16 squad competition, there will be an extra 5.99 USD Cash Code! With patience and some years of experience and Fifa 17 Coins PS4 , Wallace will become a wall concrete, reaching a maximum of 82 in its overall assessment. WallaceHe is slow, with little technical and useless in attack but Wallace is a solid defense, especially if you combine him with a partner in faster defense that can cover his lack of pace. Despite his overall rating of 74, his general statistics defenses are pretty good, but what makes him special is his tremendous strength of 84.