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Buying Versus Leasing

  • To reduce your initial capital investment you need to consider business equipment leasing. Business equipment leasing allows you to gain access to new machinery and other equipment that you need to effectively run your company without needing to purchase the equipment for thousands of dollars.

    Consider the cost of equipment when asking the question: How much does a franchise cost? If you can secure equipment loans, you can sometimes use this equipment as collateral for your franchise loan rather than your own business ( personal property.

    Fast Food: If the food is fast and cheap, they will buy it. Carvel and Cold Stone Creamery consumers have switched to the $1.00 ice cream cone at McDonalds. Starbucks coinsurers now drink flavored coffee from Quick Trip. Burgers cost less in the drive through. Pizzerias and Chinese delivery are thriving. People still don't have time to cook. They just can't afford regular restaurants anymore. Leasing: Instead of buying cars, equipment loan, and even furniture, people are leasing them especially if they don't feel they need the items for the long term. This business is booming right now and people and companies become more conservative with their pocketbook.

    Sharing everything you know about a deal is especially important today. Brokers who hide data, specifically derogatory information will be cut off. The new mindset of sales people should be to share strategies and information to their coworkers and colleagues. When you share information you help other people to do their jobs better. equipment finance salespeople unknowingly sabotage their own work when they withhold help or information from others. The more information you communicate and the more you help other people to be successful, the more smoothly things flow. When you give little or no help to funding sources, or put obstacles in their path life becomes much more difficult for you and everyone around you.

    Fixed costs are things like rent, utilities, telephone, salaries, and benefits. For a basic breakeven analysis, we consider costs as fixed if they don't vary with small increments of sales. Obviously, if your sales quadruple, you would need to add staff and incur other costs that are fixed in the short term. But for the purposes of a breakeven analysis, we consider these costs to be fixed.

    Another year-end tax blunder is rushing to maximize your 401K contributions. You need to consider how this will affect your finances in the long term. If fully maximizing your 401K is not part of your overall tax strategy, you could very well be better off keeping that money and paying the tax on it.

    What are the qualifications? For the traditional bank loan, you will need to have higher credit and will probably need to have some time in business under your belt. The bank will most likely want to see your business financials as well to make sure your company is strong enough to support paying back the note. Banks do generally have decent rates and longer terms but can be more difficult to qualify for.

    Learn how to network to save money! Business people do this all the time. For example, do you and your roommate need a vacuum cleaner? Strike a deal with your neighbors who already have a vacuum. In business, this is called equipment leasing!