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Do Students Time In School?

  • Colleges make classes compulsory so that learners can have interactive sessions with their professors. Lecturers assume a certain level of mandate where they can empower their students to make decisions surrounding their academics. Students may decide to commit themselves to the learning process, but they have better aspirations other than getting good grades. Furthermore, they know the rule that requires them to attend a certain threshold of classes for lecturers to allow them to sit for exams and tests. Students use that window of opportunity to exploit other platforms to gain extra skills because they know the economy does not really need specialization.


    The learners may stay in school when they have assignments related to writing essays among other essential tasks stipulated in their curriculum. Professors may see it wise to create an environment where learners can connect well with their educations, but it is all in vain considering the desires that students have beyond the context of academics. Hardly do students spend their time in college because they know the essence of seeking other exploits, which could be the only means of income in an era where economic uncertainties are the orders of the day. Students stay in school when the need arises.