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Boring Assignments

  • The television set kept me glued to my sofa. The videos that they were displaying on the marathon experienced kept my eyes open throughout the evening. I was glad it was a Thursday night and the weekend had finally arrived. I wondered why I really could not give my academic papers the same attention I gave the TV screen. Our lecturers had given us many assignments during the week that we were required to work on. I kept on procrastinating and informing myself I would work on them the next day. Before I knew it, Sunday had arrived, and I had not worked well on some of my projects. This led me to take the second smartest choice that was available to me, go online, and find the best essays services available.

    Suddenly I developed anxiety attacks as I realized the amount of work that was awaiting me on my desk. I immediately took a shower, ate some food and settled down on thefront side of the laptop to focus on them. Halfway through the assignments, I recognized that I might not be able to finish them promptly. I had to make sure complete the tasks before I presented with them in the next day.

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