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Pokémon Go Becomes Available in Brazil

  • Pokémon Go is now available in Brazil, just in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

    The augmented reality game became available in Brazil on Wednesday, AP reports.

    Pokémon Go posted on its Facebook page, “Break out the sneakers and Poké Balls, and get ready to explore the world around you. We are excited to officially be putting Pokémon Go in the hands of our Latin American fans, visitors, and the Olympic athletes in Rio!”

    Some Olympics athletes have previously expressed disappointment about Pokémon Go not being available in Brazil, ABC News reports. But now, they will be able to play the game. The Olympics will officially start this Friday.

    Currently, the game from technology company Niantic is available in about 30 nations. The hit game has led to a resurgence of the popularity of Pokémon, and a live-action Pokémon movie has been announced.

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