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  • I have some campus students who are always discouraged by the scare of death in their lives. I am unaware of how to put it without sounding comical, but I do feel it is understood that some campus mates fear death, so much so that it affects how they relate to other people on the campus. I am talking about things that deal with sites such best essay writing service and some members feeling discouraged with life just because some friends of theirs have passed on while doing the things they are currently doing. The only thing that I can say to such people without fear or favor is that the campus students should use the certainty of death as a motivation to do well in what they are expected to do and give their all instead of losing focus and getting discouraged about it. I don't know how you see it, but in the course of my life, I have used certain things to encourage me to be the best I can ever be before I probably die. It may not seem judicious or practical, but at least it sounds nice to my ears when I listen to it, and that’s all that matters to me.