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The Way to Steal the Ball at NBA 2K19

  • NBA 2K19 is back at it again with the greatest basketball simulator for lovers of this game. You're going to be passing the ball, dribbling, shooting three pointers, and much more. While you're on defense, it is a fantastic idea to not forget that you could always slip the ball, however. Here's how to steal the ball in NBA 2K19 with 2K19 MT.

    Whenever you're in your competitor, on defense, you are likely to want to get in near them whenever they have the ball. Then, you should simply press Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One in order to attempt a steal. Keep in mind that your attributes will have an impact on your success rate at this. It is not too easy to pull off.

    But once you've mastered it, you are going to ensure that your opponent will need to keep the ball away from you at all costs. Either way by moving shooting it, or dribbling up a storm.

    You'll leave yourself vulnerable to be juked and dunked on. It provides a second of stun on your player and you are not going to be in a position to do much else if you fail miserably. It'll leave you exposed and a fantastic player will certainly know how to get about you and make sure to leave you into the dust.

    That's how you do it, though! Get out there and become a real thief. If you need some more help with the sport, make sure to check out our wiki for this. It is constantly getting updated and changed up NBA MT Coins. If you are interested in asking something directly, leave us down a comment below and we will do our very best to give you a hand.