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RuneScape reached a two million account milestone

  • There were guides supporting Venezuelans farming for gold at RuneScape gold by killing dragons and then promoting the gold at a markup for real money. This modest grey market tactic is often referred to as gold farming. It has been around for ages and generally large Chinese mafioso type companies have had the gold farming market .

    Well, regulars from Runescape that are not out of Venezuela took umbrage with the gold farmers from the South American country and above on the sub-Reddit to get Jagex's game, a manual was created on the best way to aim and kill Venezuelan players as a form of punishment.

    The community set about organizing raids and kill celebrations, specifically targeting Venezuelan players.

    Even a moderator ended up arriving in and locking the thread, saying that the community's actions portrayed them as racist and heartless. The principal issue being, that just targeting a Venezuelan player doesn't mean you're targeting a gold farmer.

    According to Polygon, Venezuelans earn about $2 through $3 a day farming and buy RS gold at Runescape. It's not a great deal but it helps them make more than that which they're currently making functioning as a full-time professional due to the collapse of the market. Reports in the New York Times suggests that minimum wage means that people are just making $5 per month.

    Regardless of the action of targeting and killing Venezuelan players appearing harsh, the truth is that many players claim to be doing it to maintain Jagex's terms and requirements when it comes to selling gold for real money.