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MapleStory M has a frequent maintenance schedule

  • That's it! That is how you alter your character's hair in Maplestory mobile mesos as soon as you've already chosen it when you created them. Need any more help with the game? Let us know your question in the comments down below. Rather assess the response on your own? Utilize our search bar in the upper part of the website for further help!

    MapleStory M: How to Join a Guild.MapleStory M is everyone's chance to finally get in on the beloved MMORPG. No more excuses! It's available on everybody's phone now! Here is how you can join a guild, as well as make one yourself!

    First and foremost, it's important that we note that you won't even be able to join a guild (let alone make one) until you reach level 30. Once you do, however, you'll see the choice open up in your menu options. To access this, tap on the 3 bars on the top right-hand corner of the screen. The icon near your bag option.

    Once you do, select the Guild icon which resembles a banner -- along the bottom of your screen. Here, it is possible to apply to join guilds that have been made. There could be a degree requirement that the guild leader has place, so be sure that you meet that prerequisite. If you'd rather create a guild, then you can do buy Maple Mobile Mesos this directly on this screen as well.

    It is just going to charge you 100,000 Mesos and you'll have the ability to name it, decide on a necessity, and that whole thing!But that is really it! There does not seem to be a completely free way of doing so. We will make certain to update this article if and when we find the response to that component of the question.