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WoW Classic and keep it pure

  • Yes we who long for WoW Classic know we won't receive a 100.0percent replica on Vanilla however adding a token and other changes he'd like to see is not likely to help getting nearer to it. I mean I am an adult now also as you know with family and such, having limited time to play compared to northdale gold wow.

    I could be among those who would welcome ezmode and changes since I consider myself as a (serious) casual. Guess what, NOT happening with me because when I do play the game I need a good gaming experience without all of the hand holdingsilver plattern and faceroll things that we have in retail and a number of other online games today. This alone is one good reason why we for WoW Classic and keep it"pure".

    So many things he explained here and you'd a 1h 43min video to talk about it and I can just sort atm but I wounder if he's even heared what they told us until now, like the Blizzcon interview and more. The token will make folks not needing to work because of their stuff. You inspect 95 percent of those characters in towns and all you see are all those people in pre raid BiS. Like who did struggle and work to it who opened up their wallets. Immersion breaking to say the least. Seems he couldn't care about WoW Classic, but he will play with it if you do.

    Hey guys, just need to go on the record and say that I totally disagree with changing vanilla. However, tea is evaporating a stance, he's arguing what may occur. I am not sure what this didn't get through. He thinks the wow token could happen because Activision sucks along with the point about endgame changes are exactly what he thinks will create vanilla more reachable.

    I really don't need any of these things to's important in life to cheap lightbringer wow gold never exist in an echo chamber of comparable thought. I think Tea Thyme made a lot of good points. Lets face it, developers don't decide what finally goes into the game....they just implement the"program" made by the decision makers of the firm.