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Gold farming has Venezuelans targeted in Runescape 2007

  • For many players whose formative years coincided with the dawn of the new millenium, RuneScape was the hangout of choice. In 2013, RuneScape attained a 2 million accounts milestone. The game naturally evolved since its first release -- with significant upgrades in 2004 and 2013 -- yet players were still runescape 2007 gold enthralled by retro sensibilities: a survey of 160,000 fans resulted in the recovery of hosts that were old, and this also leaves Jagex's announcement all the more bittersweet.

    The good news -- because there's always a bright side to everything -- is that RuneScape Classic servers continue to be online right now, and Gielindor's doors will remain open for the next three months.

    Runescape creator Jagex has increased £225,000 ($305,000) within the last year to help encourage mental health charities CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust, and YMCA Right Here.

    The studio has been working together with 3 associations on a local, national, and international level to try and affect change and encourage young people struggling with psychological health.

    "Our passionate and ample RuneScape community has helped raise thousands of pounds to get some buy rs 2007 gold extraordinary causes throughout the last few decades," explained Jagex CEO, Phil Mansell.

    "By focusing on supporting the psychological health and wellbeing of young people through cooperating with these three charities, we hope they'll once more come together and help individuals receive the backing they have to deal with the turbulence of the world these days."