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Affect the results of WoW Classic

  • In the event the WoW Classic staff understands their target audience, they would not add gold in wow classic. Yes, I agree that in the short run it might be profitable, but in the long term, it might drive subscribers down, so, be less profitable.WoW traditional Gold would only be devalued on the auction house, (items would sell for longer, as long as the distribution remains constant).

    Vendors would stay the same. I'm one of those who is not likely to grind and farm hours at one time anymore (26, ahem) so could find a moderate level of wow tokens to at least take the edge off. But the market operates, Tea Thyme is sensible, and speaks fair. Back in the day you could buy whole reports on eBay, so already had retail like potentials.

    Yes we long for WoW Classic know we won't receive a 100.0% replica on Vanilla however adding a token along with other changes he'd like to see is not likely to help getting closer to it. I mean I am an adult now too as you understand with such and family, having limited time to play compared to earlier.

    So I could be one of those who would welcome ezmode and adjustments since I think myself as a (severe ) casual. Guess what, NOT occurring with me because when I do play the the game I want a good gaming experience without all of the hand holdingsilver plattern and faceroll things that we got in retail and many other buy nighthaven wow gold online games now.

    A lot of things he explained here and you'd a 1h 43min movie to discuss it and I can just type atm but I wounder if he has even heared what they told us until today, like the Blizzcon interview and more. The token will make folks not needing to work for their stuff. Like who did fight and work for it and who opened up their wallets. Seems he could not care about WoW Classic, but he will play with it if you do.