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whilst will All 37 participants of the FIFA Council be elected?
The FIFA Congress will select,fut coins amongst others, the President. The FIFA vice-presidents and contributors
of the Council will be elected by way of FIFA’s member associations at the event in their confederation
congresses in accordance with FIFA Statutes and policies. The date of the Council individuals’
election consequently relies upon on the date of the respective confederation congresses. each member

association shall have an equal range of votes in the elections.
The FIFA Council can be made out of a total of 37 members after all officers had been elected.
How will the eligibility assessments for the applicants for the positions of vicepresident
or member of the Council be conducted?
The confederations will be requested to post the identification details of the applicants for the
positions of vice-president or member of the Council to the FIFA standard secretariat as a minimum 4
months earlier than the begin of the respective confederation congress. The review Committee (cf.
facts below) shall perform the eligibility take a look at within 21 days of receipt of the respective
candidature from the FIFA popular secretariat and pass a decision at the eligibility of the candidate
what is going to be the function of the newly created Governance Committee? How are its
members elected?
The Governance Committee will address – and endorse and help the Council on – all FIFA governance
matters. The Governance Committee will consist of at the least three contributors and no longer extra than 12
contributors, to be elected by way of the Congress. No fewer than 1/2 of the committee’s contributors, together with the
chairperson and the deputy chairperson, need to fulfil the independence standards. info on the Governance
Committee’s duties could be stipulated within the FIFA Governance regulations.
How will the evaluate Committee be composed? And what is its position?
The chairperson, deputy chairperson and one impartial member of the Governance Committee,
whilst final individuals of the plenary committee, will form the overview Committee.
The review Committee shall behavior eligibility exams on applicants and incumbent participants of
FIFA bodies according with the proposed revised Statutes and the FIFA Governance rules.
The assessment Committee shall behavior the independence critiques of applicants and incumbent
FAQ - excellent FIFA Congress three
individuals of the Audit and Compliance Committee and the judicial our bodies in addition to of candidates
and incumbent individuals of the standing committees who need to fulfil the independence standards.