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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest

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    Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest

    Baby Ghoma
    Whenever you see the Baby Ghoma, make sure to take them out
    before they hatch out of their eggs. The slingshot is recommended.
    Some rooms contain ten to fifteen eggs. Get them before they
    become an annoyance.

    Multiply bugs
    This trick requires at least one Bottle. First, catch a bug then
    let it go. When released, the bug multiplies into three.
    Take them the "crazy man" who will buy them. Keep repeating this
    until you have enough money. Also, put the bugs into the soft
    spots in the ground.

    Zora's Domain: Orange Rupee
    Note: It is recommended that you would get at least the Adult's
    or Giant's Wallet before doing this. In Zora's Domain, go to the
    top of the waterfall as a child and talk to the Zora there.
    Accept the mini-game and he will throw Rupees in the water below.
    Rarely, if you are lucky, he will throw an Orange Rupee worth 500
    Rupees. Keep playing the mini-game at anytime if you want the
    Orange Rupee again.

    Pulled through gate
    In the Water Temple, there is a passageway that leads to a gate
    with a torch, two boxes, and a gold Skulltula behind it. As the
    passageway breaks off in two directions, hookshot the torch while
    the gate is closed. You can be pulled through the gate without
    getting hurt. Unfortunately, there is no way to leave once you
    are here, but you can get the Skulltula.

    Jump through wall
    Go to where Malon is located. When you get the egg from her, there
    should be a vine wall that you can climb up. Get about slightly more
    than three quarters of the way up. Press A to fall, then quickly
    press B while still in the air. You should go through the wall.

    Strange grotto
    Note: Use the rumble feature and the Stone Of Agony to find this
    grotto. Go or warp to the Forest Meadow then move near the log
    exit. The controller will rumble. Bomb the middle between the
    entrance to the maze and the exit. The secret grotto will be
    revealed. Do down it. When you do, you will end up in a strange
    grotto with crystal-like walls.