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Madden NFL 2002

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    Madden NFL 2002

    Dancing into the endzone:
    Press L or R before running into the endzone and your
    player may do a dance. Note: He must be wide open.

    Hint: Unlimited creation points
    Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster
    screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want
    to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category.
    Choose attributes to adjust them up to 99 points.

    Hint: Thanksgiving commentary
    Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

    Hint: Christmas commentary
    Set the system date to December 25 to hear Pat Summerall
    will say ''Season's Greetings''.

    Hint: New Year's commentary
    Set the system date to January 1 to hear James Brown (JB)
    say "Happy New Year".

    Hint: Easy punt blocking
    Choose the play Punt Return Right, Middle, or Left. Before
    everyone lines up on defense, take your LE and bring him to
    the right of the MLB. After you bring the LE over, press the
    C-stick Right so your line moves over. As soon as the offense
    hikes the ball, use your turbo and head straight for the
    Punter. Once you get close enough, jump (Y) and you will
    either block the punt or hit him hard. If you happen to miss
    the ball, you will usually end up taking a penalty. Refer to
    the following diagram (O is defense and X is punting).
    Information in this section was contributed by Will Smith.

    MLB TE
    \ 0 /
    00 OOOOOO 00
    xx XXXXXX xx

    Hint: Easy 2-point conversion
    After you score a touchdown, select the "Ask Madden" button.
    He will almost always suggest kicking a field goal. Instead,
    go up one set of plays, and pick the play "RB Direct Snap".
    No matter what defense you are playing against, you will
    always get the 2-point conversion. Note: If you cannot get
    in immediately, press B to dive near the goal line.

    Hint: Easy scoring
    Turn penalties off. On the coin toss, choose kick. Then, select
    "Onside Kick" for a play . Pull Back + Right (if your kicker is
    left footed, pull Back + Left) and kick with full power then
    recover the onside kick. Choose your quarterback then scroll
    down and select "Hail Mary" as a play.