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Mario Superstar Baseball

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    18 de setembro de 2013 11:13:10 ART

    Mario Superstar Baseball

    Secret Characters:
    Not all players are unlocked from the start so you will need to unlock
    them if you want to enjoy and experience all of the characters:

    Baby Luigi - Complete Challenge Mode with Yoshi
    Star Dash - Finish Star difficulty on all of the six mini-games
    Dixie Kong - Finish challenge mode with Donkey Kong
    Hammer Bro - Finish Challenge Mode with Bowser
    Monty Mole - Finish Challenge Mode with Mario
    Petey Piranha - Finish Challenge Mode with Wario
    Toadette - Finish Challenge Mode with Peach

    Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium:
    Complete Challenge Mode one time.

    Submitted by: Nikki

    Press A then R to do a fire ball.