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MX Super Fly

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    MX Super Fly

    Master code:
    Press X, Y, L + X, X, L, Z, R + Y at the main menu to unlock all
    characters, motorcycles, tracks, mini-games, and track editor options.

    Cameron Steele:
    Get the "World's Longest Jump" trophy.

    Elrod the Viking:
    Go to the Rock Ridge freestyle track. Go to the left until you notice
    the chair lift. Head downhill to the lower tower. Look for the stone
    ramp to the right (while still facing downhill). Get your speed up to
    about 45 mph, preload, and jump to the tower and stop on top of it.
    You must now travel up to the higher tower riding on the cables.
    When you reach the other side, will get the "Lift Tower Challenge"
    trophy and unlock Elrod the Viking.

    Sal the Alien:
    Enter the Fox Creek freestyle course. Jump over the canyon via the ramp,
    but aim your jump to the left of the ghost town. After you land, continue
    going along the side of the buildings. You will soon should see an opening
    and lots of rocks. On the ground is one rock that looks like a two sided
    ramp. Go into the rock field about 75 to 100 feet. Floor it, swerving
    around several rocks and hit the ramp. Make sure you are heading toward
    the buildings. Hit the ramp and aim your jump so you land on the awning
    cowering the porch of the back of the building. There will be a small
    separation, but this will not cause any problems. Cross it and there will
    be a ramp on the other awning. Jump it and land on the roof with the hole
    in it. Go past the hole, turn around and you will see another ramp. Jump
    this one to get to the highest roof. This may take several attempts.
    After you land on the roof, position yourself so that when you jump the
    last ramp you land on the rock bridge. Jump down onto the ledge leading
    into an open mine shaft. Continue to follow this path until you reach
    Sal's UFO. Continue past the ship into the next room and you will see
    Sal, along with several companions, in suspended animation. You will
    get the "Find Out The Truth" trophy and unlock Sal as a playable rider.

    To get the secret on Fox Creek, get over the fence and follow the white barrels.

    Get the "Crane's Eye View" trophy.

    Custom Bee motorcycle:
    Get the "World's Highest Jump" trophy.

    Custom Playa motorcycle:
    Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season" trophy.

    Special Fire motorcycle:
    Get the "Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

    Special Tiger motorcycle:
    Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

    Custom Water motorcycle:
    Get the "Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season" trophy.

    Custom Zebra motorcycle:
    Go to West Valley Freestyle in one player mode. Go down to the basement
    and go off one of the jumps. It will take you to a place on top.
    Follow the way then do the big jump at the end to complete the "Brave
    The Vertical Drop" challenge. The "Trophy awarded" message will appear
    and you unlock the Custom Zebra motorcycle.

    Extra track editor barriers:
    Get the "Dramatic Entrance" trophy.

    Extra track editor movable objects:
    Get the "Impossible Stoppie" trophy.

    Extra track editor ramps:
    Get the "Impossible Wheelie" trophy.

    Extra track editor platforms and Station Z:
    Get the "Cross Training" trophy. To do this easily, participate in an
    exhibition race under the hard difficulty setting. Set the laps to "3"
    and opponents to "0". It is best to use a Super Cross Track because you
    will need a lot of jumps. Run the race and do tricks until you hit 5,000
    points. You will automatically get first place because you are the only
    one on the track.

    Balloon toss mini-game:
    Get the "Safety First" trophy.

    Wheelball mini-game:
    Get the "Mega Stunt" trophy.

    Experimental Propeller: Hold R or L and press Y(2), X.
    Experimental Flip: Hold R or L and press A, Y, A.
    Experimental Break: Hold R or L and press Y, A, Y.
    Experimental Swan: Hold R or L and press B, X, B.
    Experimental Olympic Podium: Hold R or L and press A, B, Y.
    BarHop To Superman Indian: Hold R or L and press Y(2), A.
    CatNac To StaleFish: Hold R or L and press B(2), Y.
    Cordova To 9 O'ClockNac: Hold R or L and press X, A, B.
    Inverted Whip: Hold Z and Left or Right while in the Air.
    Malisha Indian To Helicopter: Hold R or L and press A(2), Y.
    NacNac To 9 O'ClockNac: Hold R or L and press B(3).
    SaranWrap To NacNac LookBack: Hold R or L and press Y(2), B.
    SuperCan To Shaolin Rodeo: Hold R or L and press B, Y, X.

    Easy height in Step Up event:
    Contrary to what the CPU will do, you do not need to jump over the bar
    at all. You just need to reach its height level. To do this, rather
    than trying to jump over the bar and risk knocking it off, jump using
    the other two sides of the ramp and just air up next to it. You will
    know when you have reached the required height when you see your score
    appear at the top of the screen. All you have to do now is stick the

    Whip move:
    Press Z in the air while using the Analog-stick to steer. You can do a
    Carmichael-style whip.

    Hold R + L + Z on the ground, in the air, or during a trick.
    Note: You can do a backflip and jump off half-way then watch it continue.

    Glitch: Colorado Springs: Go through fence:
    Immediately after starting, take a sharp right. Turn your rider over so
    you are behind the Smith pads (in front of the fence). Now put in the clutch.
    Hold Analog-stick Back, hit the gas, release the clutch (so you do a wheelie),
    and head straight into the fence. If done correctly, you should go through
    the fence, onto the other side. Go to your right, move around the barn, and
    go under the bleachers. You will see what appears to be the edge of the world
    to the right. If you keep going forward under the bleachers, you will get
    stuck and do a huge bail. Also, if you go to the left after you went through
    the fence and under the bleachers, you can find some huge hills.
    Note: This takes a lot of time and practice.

    Ghost ride your bike:
    Make sure you are not moving and are on a flat surface. Then, hold the
    Gas + R and pull back to do a wheelie until you jump off the ground slightly.
    Once you are airborne, release everything. Make sure your front end is higher
    then your back end. Just before you hit the ground, press R + L + Z to bail
    off your bike. If done correctly, your rider will fall off the back of the
    bike. The bike should land flat or do a wheelie and then land flat and ride
    away. The bike should move about 50 feet away, then fall over.
    Note: It helps if you hold the gas before you bail off the bike.

    Flat land jumping:
    Do not move at all. Hold the R + L + A and pull back as if you are going
    to wheelie. Once the preload is almost full, release L but still hold the
    other buttons. You should jump off the ground and be able to pull off small
    tricks, like Heel Clickers and No Handers.