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    NHL 2003

    Bonus Players
    Create a player and enter one of the following names
    to unlock a pre-made character:

    Adam Hall
    Alfie Michaud
    Barry Richter
    Ben Simon
    Blake Bellefeuille
    Brad Moran
    Brian Sutherby
    Chris Ferraro
    Corey Hirsch
    Dave Morisset
    David Nemirovsky
    Derek Mackenzie
    Eric Fichaud
    Evgeny Konstantinov
    Greg Crozier
    Greg Pankewicz
    Guy Hebert
    Ivan Huml
    Jakub Cutta
    Jason LaBarbera
    Jason Zent
    Johan Witehall
    Kay Whitmore
    Larry Murphy
    Mark Fitzpatrick
    Marquis Mathieu
    Martin Brochu
    Matt Herr
    Matt Higgins
    Michel Larocque
    Raffi Torres
    Rene Corbet
    Rich Parent
    Rick Tabaracci
    Sascha Goc
    Scott Fankhouser
    Ty Jones
    Xavier Delisle

    Easter Egg cards
    To get an Easter Egg cheat card, win ten games in a row without boosting
    your goalie or players with the same NHL team. You cannot use an
    international team. You must win one hundred games in row to unlock all
    of the cheats.

    Deflection shot
    Get the puck to the offensive zone near the blue line. Hold Deflection/Short
    Block while shooting. One of your players will skate to the front of the net
    and deflect the puck in.

    Easy goals
    If you are skating with someone that has a very high rank in the Deke category
    such as Joe Sakic, Kariya, etc., once you get past the opposition's blue line,
    press Down, then press Auto Deke. Immediately after he is done with the Deke,
    press Shoot. You will score about 95% of the time.

    Take any big shooter and let him take a slapshot directly in the middle of
    the hash marks. Shoot for the top corner. This will work about 90% of the
    time. If a defender is on you, once in three zone move to the left or right,
    then cut back left or right and take you slapshot.

    Fake to the left, then Deke (Y) to the right and do a wrist shot (press B
    just before the end of the trick).

    Smash players into the glass
    Get a hard hitter such as Brenndon Shannahan. When a CPU or human player is
    near the glass, press Y (big hit) for a chance to break the glass with them.

    Use NHL player's face and picture for a created player
    When entering a name for a created player, use an existing NHL player's name.
    A prompt will confirm that the player is in the database and then ask if you
    want to create a player like him. Select "Yes" and you will receive his face
    type and picture for you player. You can then enter any name and stats once
    you have finished.