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Shrek - Extra Large

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    Shrek - Extra Large

    Headless Shrek:
    In the Sweetsville Park, jump down the waterfall where you begin.
    Face the waterfall and press R. If done correctly, it will appear
    that you have a headless Shrek.

    Inside The Nintendo Gamecube codes:
    When you defeat Merlin and unlock the codes in the pause menu, you can
    go inside the Nintendo Gamecube through these places:

    Prince's Castle: Go inside the window and try to get back, but miss.

    Creepy Crpyt: Go on the church, then press R and L a lot to the north.

    Mother Goose Land: Go to the farm and press R and L to any direction.

    Molasses Sewers: Go to where Frankendrop is located. Go up to the bell
    then go right. Hump and press L hard and R light repeatedly to go in
    the inside the Gamecube.

    Defeating Merlin:
    Kick all of Merlin's soldiers into the T.N.T. pit. Then, use all of the
    T.N.T.s to burn down the doors. When you reach Merlin, super punch all
    of the spells, but do not super punch the T.N.T. Grab the T.N.T., go near
    the crystal ball, and flame the T.N.T. Go up the stairs and flame Merlin
    three times. Then, go down and flame Merlin two times. If you defeat
    Merlin, you will hear him say ''Ohh. never saw that coming''.

    Finding the last egg:
    The last egg is located in the same place where found find Little Red's
    basket in the falls.

    Three horsemen chase the Big Bad Wolf:
    In Mother Goose Land, put any of the three horsemen near the Big Bad Wolf.
    They will chase the wolf instead of you. Unless you get very close to them,
    they will not attack you. This can be helpful in completing a few of the
    quests in Mother Goose Land. For example, if the wolf is getting beat down
    when you must get the sheep he cannot kick them out of the fence.

    Crossing the bridge:
    Get the red pepper when you are in the mine in 'The Enchanted Forest level.
    When you get the red pepper, go in the river, fart, and blow up the fart
    near the large brown tree. Be careful -- stay out the ground's shadow or
    you will bump your head. Kick or punch the tree to make a bridge. Make the
    kids follow you across the tree, and put them in the gingerbread house.

    Defeating Frankendrop:
    Find Frankendrop inside the ring. Around him there is a smaller Frankendrop.
    Do not jump into the ring. Instead, charge your Superpunch by holding X
    (wait until your fist is red). Before you release X, jump with A and press
    the Analog-stick Up. Try this out a few times until you get it correct.
    Approach Frankendrop while you are still outside the ring and punch him
    with your Superpunch technique. If done correctly, Frankendrop should be
    knocked out (on the floor with stars around his head). Kick (B) or punch
    (X) Frankendrop until he is out of the ring. Do this two more times (a
    total of three times) to defeat Frankendrop.

    Defeating the Ice Queen:
    Enter the pipe that leads to the Queen's lair. She will start shooting
    things at you. Keep going forward. You will see a chili pepper. Get it
    and jump to the platform where the Queen is located. Expel gas in the
    Queen's face. Blow up your gas with the pepper. After you get notified
    that you hit the Queen (by an icon in the corner of your screen), run back
    to the pipe that you entered in. Replenish your health, etc. Kick any of
    the things that the Queen threw at you that may have gone in the pipe.
    Then go back and attack the Queen two more times, going back in the tube
    to replenish or to take a break between each attack. The Queen's things
    cannot reach you there. Note: If you fall while you are attacking the Queen,
    she will not shoot most of the time. Just kick the things to get rid of
    them. Also, the Queen shoots things at you if she can see you.

    This works best after you have returned the Workers to their Stations.
    In the Molasses Sewers, there is a section that has a pipe that shoots
    vapor vertically. At the very end of that section is a faucet with brown
    stuff coming out of it. There is no way out except for two pipes on either
    side. Around the pipe that shoots vapor is a Worker Station (gray with a
    red button). Next to it is a wall. Jump between the Station and the wall
    and you should see Shrek with his mouth open and his hands in the air.

    Submitted by: Nathan and Brittany

    Go to the Crown King's Castle, go through the rooms untill u find the dungeon room and
    face the window, wall jump from the left side out of the window (it might take u a couple
    tries) when u get out run around the castle and u will fall untill u see shreck in the
    gamecube console. U can get out by restarting the game but everything will still be normal.