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Sonic Heroes

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    Sonic Heroes

    Metal 2-Player Characters:
    Hold A+Y after you select a level in 2-Player Mode

    Last Cinema - Complete Last Story in story mode
    Team Chaotix Cinema - Complete Team Chaotix in story mode
    Team Dark Cinema - Complete Team Dark in story mode
    Team Rose Cinema - Complete Team Rose in story mode
    Team Sonic Cinema - Complete Team Sonic in story mode

    Follow me Complete "Team Rose" in Story Mode
    Sonic Heroes - Unlocked at start
    Team Chatoix - Complete "Team Chaotix" in Story Mode
    This Machine - Complete "Team Dark" in Story Mode
    We Can - Complete "Team Sonic" in Story Mode
    2P Bobsled Race - Collect 80 emblems
    2P Expert Race - Collect 120 emblems
    2P Quick Race - Collect 100 emblems
    2P Ring Race - Collect 60 emblems
    2P Special Stage - Collect 40 emblems
    2P Team Battle - Collect 20 emblems

    Super Hard difficulty setting
    Successfully complete the game with all "A" ranks and 141 emblems.

    Fill up the team blast bar quickly
    To fill up the team blast bar without killing any enemies or collecting any rings,
    just switch to power formation during any level with any team and press the B button
    repeatedly until the bar goes to maximum. When you're pressing the B button the power
    formation leader should be punching, throwing or whatever that chosen person's attack
    is. Whilst they are punching away at thin air the team blast bar is going up and up.

    Defeat enemys easily
    Use the Power character on your team and attack one of the red robots ( or any other
    lesser robot ) and it will be desroyed in one hit. Also level up your your whole
    team 3 times and attack a robot and it will explode. Enjoy this hint!

    Omega's eye color
    When you select Team Dark and everyone is saying something, look at Omega's eyes.
    They will be white. Select any stage and use the C-stick to look at Omega. His
    eyes will now be red.

    Winking Rogue
    As Team Dark, if you are Shadow use the C stick to look at Rouge. She will wink at you.

    Dead end
    On Team Chaotix's first stage, where you have to collect ten (or twenty) Hermit
    Crabs, you can get past normal game boundaries and end up in a dead end. Go
    through the stage as usual and when you get at the end when you have to sting
    the flower with Charmy, look around. Notice that there are pillars sticking out
    of the water for no apparent reason. Fly onto the ledge to the right of you. Jump
    to the next two pillars. You can see the ledge that is in all the other teams'
    stages. Jump out as far as you can while still in Flight Formation and start to
    fly. If you are lucky, you can make it up
    there. When you get up there, just run through until you reach a cannon. Change
    to Speed Formation and jump in. You will now be in a dead end where you cannot go
    any farther and cannot backtrack. You must restart the stage or quit to escape.

    Scrambled characters
    At the Robot Carnival Boss with Team Dark, hold Y button and repeatedly tap B just
    before the Boss level loads. The graphics will glitch for a few seconds and the
    characters will be scrambled. Note: This may require some practice.

    Defeating Team Boss
    When you fighting a Team Boss use Blue Tornado on them by choosing the Speed
    Formation for any Team desired.

    Floating robots
    Select Team Chaotix and go to the Grand Metropolis level. When you reach two
    robots who are asleep on top of boxes, have Espio turn invisible. Walk up to
    the boxes where they are standing. Destroy the boxes with Espio's ninja star
    while he is still invisible. The robots will not fall, and will stay suspended
    in mid-air. They will float there until you turn visible again or you attack them.

    Faster Team Blast
    As Team Chaotix, have Espio as the leader then use the Tornado Spin. He will
    then turn invisible. Then, stand in a place where you will not get hurt or fall
    down. Keep pressing Action to throw as many ninja stars to gain the full Team Blast.

    Ghost pole
    This trick requires a few things. You need to be Team Dark, find a pole which
    requires a switch to activate or to defeat all enemies around, and have your Team
    Blast. Get to the pole, use your Team Blast to stop time and destroy all enemies
    around. Hit the switch or switches and use Tornado Attack at the pole. You will be
    swinging on a ghost pole.

    No-faced Cheese
    Enable the metallic characters for Team Rose. Notice that Cheese has no face.

    Getting Chaos Emeralds
    Once you obtain a Key, go to the bonus round. In that round, you must chase the
    Emerald to the end of the round.

    Stop time
    As Team Dark, after you do a Team Blast time will be frozen until your Team Blast
    meter empties.

    Secret move
    After doing a Team Blast, before the words "Team Blast" in the top right corner of
    the screen disappears, jump and press B. You will do something similar to the Light
    Attack in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and kill all enemies that were not killed by the
    Team Blast. This only works if there is an enemy to destroy.

    Robot Carnival: Easy lives for Team Chaotix
    When you have many robots, use Team Blast and you will have more than 100 rings
    because Team Chaotix can get rings from every enemy with their Team Blast.

    Easy coins
    To get easy coins, jump on the three stars on the three starred bumper. Note:
    You will only get a five or ten coin block.

    Dr. Robotnik dialogue
    When playing as Team Rose, after you complete Egg Carnival, Dr. Robotnik will say
    "Those were just the easy ones boys", instead of "boys and girls".

    Two player Special Stage mode
    Collect 40 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Final battle
    Successfully complete the game with everyone to face Dr. Robotnik in one final
    battle where everyone is combined to defeat him once and for all.

    Defeating Metalmadness
    As Team Rose, break one of the boxes to get Team Blast. Get close to him in
    Power or Fly formation on the edge. Use it, then change to Fly formation attack
    until you are not invincible. Do the same thing again with the other box, then
    keep attacking in Fly formation close to him. If you get hit, get back on the
    stage and avoid the rest of his attacks. Get the rings and try again. Eventually
    he will lose his 100 HP on that side. Then as Team Chaotix, the color of his weak
    point changes, and it will not be harmed by that formation (blue impervious to
    speed, red impervious to power, etc.). First, change to Fly formation and get the
    balloons above you without getting hit. Get in Power formation, get in the canon
    on the edge, and fire at the weak point. Note: You will not get hurt in the canon.
    Do this again until it is red and switch to fly. Do the same thing as Team Rose
    until it turns yellow. Repeat Power formation and Fly formation until he is defeated.
    You are now in front of Metal Sonic as Team Dark. First, get the level-ups for all
    three characters. Rouge's is in the air and the rest are in the boxes. Attack him in
    this order, according to color of weak point: red fly, blue power, and yellow power.
    Power formation does the most damage. It is recommended that you first get a few extra
    lives for each team including Sonic's for the next Boss if you have a problem getting
    balloons.The Metal Madness part of the Boss is easy, but is the longest. Every time he
    shoots three rounds of a crystal attack counter with Homing Attack. If he uses missiles,
    use Thunder Shoot. If he goes down below the clouds, he will throw a ship at you.
    To counter, punch the ship. His last attack is Chaos Control. This attack is unavoidable
    and does not do any damage. The only attack that hurts him is Team Blast. To use it,
    counter the attacks and most of all check your rings; it still decreases like the other
    Sonic games while in super mode.

    Metallic Team Sonic characters in two player modes
    Select a two player mode. Hold A + Y when making a choice at the character selection
    screen. Keep the buttons held through the level selection screen and release them when
    game play begins.

    Playing final stage in story mode:
    When you complete one of the story modes, go to the challenge screen. Notice that
    one of the stages is not there. To play this stage you must get all seven Chaos
    Emeralds. You can get the Chaos Emeralds by playing the stages before you face the
    Boss. Get the key for that stage and go to the bonus stage. Then, catch the Chaos
    Emerald before you get to the end of the bonus stage. Once you get the all seven Chaos
    Emeralds, you can play the final stage. There is only one Chaos Emerald for each set
    of levels.

    Super Hard difficulty setting
    Successfully complete the game with all "A" ranks and 141 emblems.

    We Can song
    Successfully complete story mode as Team Sonic.

    This Machine song
    Successfully complete story mode as Team Dark.

    Follow Me song
    Successfully complete story mode as Team Rose.

    Team Chaotix song
    Successfully complete story mode as Team Chaotix.

    Two player Team Battle mode
    Collect 20 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Metallic characters in single player mode
    Collect 141 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Two player Expert Race mode
    Collect 120 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Two player Quick Race mode
    Collect 100 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Two player Bobsled Race mode
    Collect 80 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

    Two player Ring Race mode
    Collect 60 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.