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Soul Calibur 2

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    19 de setembro de 2013 10:16:51 ART

    Soul Calibur 2

    Unlock Special Stages:
    To unlock the 5 Special Stages complete these weapon master
    mode missions:

    Lakeside Coliseum - Chapter 1, Stage 3
    Money Pit/Top Tier - Chapter 4, Stage 1
    Labyrinth - Chapter 6, Stage 6
    Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court - Chapter 7, Stage 2
    Egyptian Crypt - Chapter 8, Stage 5

    Extra arcade mode:
    Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to
    unlock extra arcade mode.

    Extra versus mode:
    Successfully complete extra arcade mode with any character to
    unlock extra versus mode.

    Extra survival mode:
    Successfully complete survival mode with any character with a
    minimum of ten wins to unlock extra survival mode.

    Extra practice mode:
    Successfully complete weapon master mode with any character
    to unlock extra practice mode.

    Demo theater and character profiles:
    Successfully complete arcade and extra arcade mode with any

    Alternate Opening Screen:
    To gain a different START screen simply complete every mission
    available in Weapon Master mode, including the secondary
    missions unlocked after initial completion. The announcer's
    voice will also change