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    The Thing

    Hidden trailer
    Wait about one minute at the main menu to view a longer, uncut
    television trailer for the game.

    Persuade a person
    When someone's trust is in the orange and they will not do
    anything for you, enter first person mode and aim the gun at their
    head for three seconds. They will now do things for you without
    good trust.

    Get a doctor to follow you into a fight with the Thing
    Use the following trick to get a doctor in the same room with you
    during your battle with the second giant Thing. Walk to the large
    garage door. Get the doctor close to the door as well. Then, tell
    him to not follow you anymore. Push him as close to the door as
    possible; and close enough to you that when you flip the switch to
    open the door he will not move. Before you flip the switch, tell
    him to follow you again. Flip the switch and when you are shown in
    the locked room with the second giant Thing, he should be beside
    you. Use him to heal you during the fight with the Thing.

    Get Whitley to follow you
    The following trick requires Stun Grenades (found in the back of
    the room with Boss 3), Blood Test Kit (found in the same room),
    and the Grenade Launcher (in the save room down the hall from Boss
    3). Starting after third Boss fight (hanging tentacle monster),
    backtrack your way out of the weapons lab, back up the air vent,
    and to the "mine" elevator. As soon as you reach the surface,
    strafe left, and equip both the Grenade Launcher and Stun
    Grenades. If you step forward at all, it triggers an intermission
    sequence you have to die and start the level over. Enter first
    person mode and aim up the corridor, parallel with the bottom of
    the last metal wall panel. Launch a grenade and quickly walk
    forward. The intermission sequence will trigger, but Whitley will
    stand still instead of running off. Now, quickly run ahead of him
    (preferably block his path to slow him down) and use the Blood
    Test Kit. He now trusts you enough to follow orders. Order him to
    follow you (otherwise he walks around the corner triggering guards
    to attack) and give him a weapon. You have now backup. He only
    lasts a brief amount of time, and will disappear roughly halfway
    up the snow corridor, which appears scripted. However, every bit
    of backup firepower helps in that spot.

    In the last level where you have to find Whitley as an objective,
    as you stand in the elevator strafe left and launch a grenade just
    outside the opening. If done correctly, you can bring Whitley with
    you to help kill all the troopers. Note: You have to give him some

    Two medics
    In the level where you must find Faraday, do not hit the switches
    until you have met the medic downstairs. Bring him up to the top
    of the ramps and tell him to stay. Hit the switches and go to find
    Faraday. Leave, and on your way out, the medic will not have
    turned. You will get two medics for the remainder of the level.

    Keep Williams
    On the level where you must gain access to the weather station, go
    to the side of the building to your right. Throw a grenade under
    the vent and the door will be blown off, allowing access. If you
    had gone in regularly, Williams would have turned into a Thing.
    Using this trick will save many medikits for the levels ahead

    Skip first Boss battle
    When you encounter the first Thing Boss, hold Up/Left to run
    diagonally and you should run under it before it can hit you. This
    will also aim you directly at the junction box. Immediately start
    fixing it. As soon as it is almost fixed, hold Right to run
    through the door. Since he will still keep fixing it as long as
    you do not release the button, with luck it will be fixed before
    the Boss attacks for the third time. At the intermission sequence
    you tend to take off in a random direction, so this may take a few
    attempts -- save immediately before trying this. If successfully
    completed, you will lose only about half a bar of health and no
    ammunition, making the next area much easier.

    Hang back in the back left corner of the room where you are out of
    reach from the Boss. Wait there patiently, and after awhile the
    Boss will knock out the lights. A bit later, he will lean over to
    the right of the room, as though inspecting something there.
    Choose this moment when he is leaning to the right to make a run
    for the switch you need to fix to get through the door. You can
    get by without too much loss of health (less than half).

    Defeating the second big Thing
    Go into to his garage. Fix the electrical panel that operates the
    hoist. Step back towards the middle of the big door. There is an
    opening between two of the crates. Using your grenade launcher in
    first person targeting, send in a grenade. If the Thing turns its
    head toward you, then you have him targeted. Continue sending in
    grenades until he begins to burn. You can send in a few more if
    desired for extra fun. Run into the Thing's room and on the far
    wall from the big door is a switch. Throw the switch and watch as
    the Thing dies. You will probably take one hit from him.

    When you first get in the big door, use the previously described
    trick to bring the medic in. Use your sniper rifle to shoot it to
    get its attention, then shoot at it for awhile with any of the
    guns. Next, get between the crack of the two crates near the winch
    power box and enter first person mode. Aim at the ground with the
    flamethrower and the Thing will catch on fire. Make sure to have
    lots of flamethrower ammunition to do this.

    Use all 25 of your grenades from behind the crates.

    Defeating the third Boss
    Run around the Boss in a circle while shooting it with the machine
    gun. When it is low on health, use the flame thrower to finish it
    off. If done correctly, you can kill it without being hit. After
    you kill the Boss, the Thing in the glass in the room will break
    out, and the door will be opened with a few guards.

    This Boss has a sweet spot. If you get directly under it, it will
    not attack. When you get under it, blast away until its health is
    in the red, then burn it.

    Place Peltola in front of you in the room, just before you enter
    the room where the Boss is located. Inch him into the doorway.
    When the door fully opens, push him in and fire at the same time.
    He will enter with you and fight. Use him for his fire power and
    to keep the walker busy while you attack the big Boss. Peltola
    will die during the battle.

    Road tunnel
    In the level where you first enter the road tunnel, go right to
    the truck. Blow up the barrel to kill all the little things. You
    can now either have an engineer fix the lights or not. Follow the
    left wall back to the door you came in and stop near it. There is
    a Walker locked up in some boxes. Throw a grenade to blow up the
    box and let the Walker out. Run back to the truck, or better yet,
    stand there and watch (if the lights are on). The guards not only
    get slaughtered, but really wear the Walker down. After he kills
    the guards, get him to walk around to you (not leaving the general
    area) then blow up the barrel. If you done correctly, you will
    kill the walker with ease. Otherwise, torch him.

    Automatic guns
    When you awaken on the operating table after being captured by
    Whitley, you can use the automatic guns in the hallway outside to
    trap the Walker there. The control for the gun is in the room
    where you find the medic.

    Shutting doors
    Always shut the door of the room you walk into, if you have the
    chance. For example, on the level where you have to kill all the
    walkers, a walker will enter from the front door if you do not
    shut it.

    Keeping your team together
    Listen to your team. They will tell you how they feel. If you hear
    someone say something similar to "We're gonna die", check the team
    menu and see how he is doing. If there is an X across his face
    while he is shaking uncontrollably, bring out the Tazer and shock
    him. Wait for him to calm down, move out of the area, and give him
    back his gun. He might be bitter, but after you kill a few more
    things he will be fine. Otherwise, he might start shooting you and
    your team, ending with himself in the head.

    Being watchful
    Pay very close attention to your team. If you see someone doing
    odd things, such as not shooting at enemies when they appear, or
    moving rather far away from you when your walking, be on alert as
    this could be a sign of infection. However, do not waste a Blood
    Test Kit on him to see if you are correct. Just be on alert
    because they could mutate at any second. This also goes for you as
    well -- if your team sees you doing the same things, they will
    question your trust and may attack you.

    Unlimited flares
    Highlight "Flare", enable it, but do not throw it down. When it is
    low, press Left or Right and highlight another object. Then,
    highlight "Flare" again. It will have restarted and you will not
    lose another one.

    Blood Test Kits
    Save Blood Test Kits for showing your team that you are not
    infected to gain trust. Using them on a team member is useless
    because they get infected randomly, and usually break out within a
    minute of infection.

    Always try to keep medics alive because medical packs can be few
    and far between. If you want your medic to heal a member of the
    team, tell your team to stay, then push your medic into the
    wounded team member. If he is hurt enough, the medic will heal

    When you begin the game, go back a couple of feet to find another
    MP5 (machine gun).

    Saving ammunition
    Try not to give all your team members the same weapon because your
    ammo will go quickly. A good combination is you with a Shotgun or
    Machine gun, your second man with the one you are not using, then
    a Pistol. The rest depends on your ammunition supply.