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    19 de setembro de 2013 15:42:06 ART

    Big Fish

    Actor comeback:
    When Edward Bloom comes to "Spectre" he walks up the road in the city and
    the camera shows a old man playing "Duelling banjos" on his banjo.
    This is actually the same actor that played the "banjoboy" in "Deliverance",
    Billy Redden. This is meant as a tribute from Tim Burton who never could
    forget this boy and wanted to bring him back on the screen.

    Behind-the-Scene with Tim Burton:
    From the Main Menu, if you press UP twice after highlighting the 'Special
    Effects' option, a "star" will appear on the "top hat" above the "tree".
    Select it to see Tim Burton driving a golf cart shooting fireworks down
    the main strip of Spectre.

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