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Blink 182 - The Urethra Chronicles

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    19 de setembro de 2013 15:48:19 ART

    Blink 182 - The Urethra Chronicles

    Submitted by: Dj Simo

    Hidden video
    Select "The Band" option at the main menu. Highlight the
    "Main Menu" option and press Down. Select the question mark
    option to view a video of the band members joking with each

    Submitted by: Mr. X

    On da newest dvd, watch the live version of 'First date' then click main menu,
    you will be asked to enter a code, the legend of how blink-182 got there name is
    this, blink stood for fuck, and wen the boys were expelled from high school, they
    were sent to boarding school called R.B, R is da 18th letter of the alphabet and b
    is da 2nd so therefore Fuck R.B.... The password dat you enter is FUCKR.B