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Blue Velvet

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    19 de setembro de 2013 15:51:44 ART

    Blue Velvet

    Submitted by: Dj Simo
    Original version

    Lumberton Commercial
    From the MAIN MENU, highlight "Play Movie." Press LEFT.
    A separate option is displayed, titled "Strange World."
    Selecting this option will show a "Welcome to Lumberton"
    commercial, which displays selected scenes from the movie
    with the Lumberton billboard in the background. In addition,
    captions from the movie are displayed, adding to the "selling
    point" of the commercial.

    Special edition

    At the bottom of the main menu screen there is a row of scenes
    from the movie. If you navigate down below the options, a blue
    fence will appear in the third scene from the left.
    Press enter on the fence and it will provide you with a new
    set of scenes. On the new set of scenes the fence will appear
    in the same place. If you navigate left from the fence a blue
    bird will appear in the second scene from the left. Press enter
    and it will give you a short segment on the story behind the
    "fake" bird scene at the end of the film.

    Interview Clips
    Go to the special features menu. Navigate up and highlight the
    word "Special" in Special Features then press enter. This will
    give you a short interview with David Lynch explaining how well
    he likes McDonalds.

    Go to the scene selections menu. There will be frames of the
    scenes that you can choose to jump to. While navigating through
    these frames, an ear will appear between the 3rd (A Gruesome
    Discovery) and 4th (Curious Conversation) frames. Press enter
    on the ear and Kyle MacLachlan will give you an explanation
    of the "chicken walk" scene on the sidewalk.