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Brak Show,The Vol. 1

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    19 de setembro de 2013 16:07:26 ART

    Brak Show,The Vol. 1

    Andy Merrill Recording Brak's Voice:
    Insert the first disc from the DVD set and from the Main Menu go to the
    'Language' section. On this menu screen use the direction keys on your
    remote control to highlight the Easter Egg that is seen at the bottom of
    the screen. Now press the ENTER key and you will be treated to a clip
    showing Andy Merrill as he is recording Brak’s voice.

    Deleted Song:
    On disk one go to the 'Episodes' page. Once there you will hear Brak
    sing "Look Theres an Easter Egg." You will then see an easter egg in
    a basket. Highlight the egg and press ENTER to see a deleted song with
    Brak and his Dad.

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