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Cabin Fever

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    19 de setembro de 2013 17:19:56 ART

    Cabin Fever

    Alternate Take:
    Advance to Chapter 24 and view the scene where Rider Strong is being
    wheeled past the man in the bunny costume in the hospital. Press PLAY
    when this happens to see a clip of the film's director followed by an
    alternate version of this scene.

    Dog Chase Scene:
    While watching the movie, press the ENTER button at the beginning of
    the hospital scene. Once pressed, you will be taken to a funny little
    edit of a dog chase scene.

    Officer W and the **** Stars:
    From the Main Menu, access the 'Scene Selections' option. Once there,
    let each group of scenes play out for two cycles of the sound effects,
    and 'Officer W' will make an apperance. They each slightly tie in
    together and on 19-21 he is seen having sex with two **** stars.

    The Trailer:
    On the Main Menu, select the "Lion's Gate" logo in the upper right
    corner to access the advertised trailer for the film!

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