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Cannibal Apocalypse

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    19 de setembro de 2013 17:20:28 ART

    Cannibal Apocalypse

    Submitted by: Dj Simo

    Hidden trailers
    Select the "Special Features" option at the main menu,
    then select "Filmographies". Highlight the entry for
    John Saxon, then press Right to view the trailer from
    The Girl Who Knew Too Much. Highlight the entry for
    John Morghen and press Left to view the trailer from
    Cannibal Ferox.

    Hidden Trailer:
    On the [Main Menu] select the [Sewer Dwelling Special Features]
    menu entry that will take you to the [Special Features] section.
    From there highlight the word [Main] and then press the [Left]
    arrow key on your remote control. A small bone will appear in the
    mouth of a man in the background. Now press the [Enter] key and you
    will get to see a trailer for "Cannibal Holocaust".