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David Cross - Let America Laugh

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    20 de setembro de 2013 09:58:11 ART

    David Cross - Let America Laugh

    Easter Eggs On Every Page:
    Every page of the DVD has a short audio clip that plays after 10 or 12 seconds.

    The Special Features page audio clip plays longer, until all the phone messages
    have been played.

    On the Special Features page, move up or left to highlight David's glasses.
    This will play a 3 1/2 minute clip of David doing an extended "Ricky Henderson"

    Every page of the Chapter Selection has a different audio clip.

    On the last page of the Chapter Selection, move left from the top of the list
    to highlight the left eye of David's glasses. This will play a 6 minute clip
    with an early clip of David onstage and some "Run Ronnie Run" behind-the-scenes

    Old DC Standup:
    On the special features menu press left and it will highlight David's left
    spectacle. Obviously enter, and enjoy.

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