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    20 de setembro de 2013 10:20:48 ART


    Hidden Outtakes/Scenes:
    Every time Ben Stiller snaps his fingers during the movie, press [Enter] on your
    remote and you will get an outtake or additional scene. Go to [Special Features],
    go [Down] to [Resume Film], and click to the [Right] to highlight the cobra symbol.
    Select the cobra and a Ben Stiller will tell you how to find the easter eggs on
    the disc.

    From the [Main Menu] go to the [Special Features] section and there use the
    directional keys on your remote control to highlight the Purple Cobra logo.
    Then press the [Enter] key and you'll see Ben Stiller in a fat suit congratulating
    you on being a loser and finding the Easter Egg. He then goes on to tell you that
    during the movie, every time he snaps his fingers you can press the [Enter]
    key on your remote control to see extra bloopers and other clips.
    There are four occasions total.