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Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story (Widescreen Edition)

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    20 de setembro de 2013 10:21:11 ART

    Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story (Widescreen Edition)

    New Teammate:
    In the beginning of the movie when Ben Stiller is getting into his tanning
    bed, as he opens it, press ENTER and it will show a "new teamate" in the bar.

    Hidden Feelings by White Goodman:
    The second time White snaps his fingers hit ENTER you'll see a clip of
    what White thinks about you. I don't remember the time but it happens
    before the 34 minute mark in the movie; when White Goodman is talking
    to Kate Veatch in his office.

    Justin gets wet with the Car Wash Girls:
    In the "hotel room scene" press ENTER when White Goodman snaps his
    fingers to see Justin getting "frisky" with the Car Wash Girls.

    "Better Than You" Montage:
    In White Goodman's "courting scene", press ENTER when White snaps his
    finger for his scooter to see a montage of "We're Better Than You" clips.

    Finger Snapping Eggs:
    During the film, you can access several hidden easter eggs accessible
    every time Ben Stiller snaps his fingers. When his fingers snap press
    ENTER to reveal a new egg. This only works for when watching the movie
    with the audio commentary on.

    Hidden Director's Audio Commentary Track:
    The second time that Ben Stiller snaps his fingers during the movie
    (34 minutes in), press ENTER and you will be taken to a major unadvertised
    extra: writer-director Rawson Thurber's solo audio commentary (without
    the actors)!

    Goodman Helps Finding Eggs:
    From the Main Menu, access the 'Special Features' option. Go all the
    way down to the very bottom of the menu, and press RIGHT until you
    highlight the "Cobra's Logo". Select it by pressing ENTER to reveal
    a video of Goodman talking about finding the easter eggs in the movie.
    He says to hit ENTER every time he snaps in the film. Try it out!

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