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    20 de setembro de 2013 10:21:24 ART


    Submitted by: Dj Simo

    Hidden features (Special Edition)
    Insert Disc 1 and highlight the option next to the View Askew
    clown logo. Press Left to access the "Jay and Silent Bob's
    Secret Stash" option.

    Demon screen (Special Edition)
    Select any option that causes the demon to appear and faint.
    Select that same option again immediately.

    Menu animation (Special Edition)
    Insert Disc 1 and remain at the main menu until the woman at
    the lower right speaks.

    Hidden trailer (Special Edition)
    Press Right at the main menu to highlight the heart around Cool
    Jesus. Press Enter to view the trailer from Good Will Hunting.

    View commentary clips (Special Edition)
    Turn on the director's commentary option and start the movie.
    Watch for a small "Buddy Christ" icon to appear towards the
    end of the movie. Press Enter to watch the remainder of the
    movie with video of the cast recording the audio commentary.