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    20 de setembro de 2013 15:20:14 ART


    Submitted by: DJ Simo

    Chicken Run Trailer
    Go to the second disc then go to Trailers & TV spots menu.
    Highlight either the "Theatrical Teaser," "Theatrical Trailer,"
    or the "TV Spots" option then push the left arrow to select the
    crest on the Emperor's breast-plate, which will turn red.
    Press enter to view the trailer.

    Rhino Fight
    On Disc 2 enter Original Storyboards then the deleted sequence
    "Rhino Fight." When the first drawing comes up, press the up
    button on your remote control and the rhino should glow.
    Press enter to view EXTRA RHINO STUFF.

    DVD Credits
    On Disc 2, go to Ridley Scott's filmography. Go to the last
    page here where there are no "more" arrows. Press right on
    your remote anyway and you will find DVD credits.