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Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr., The

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    20 de setembro de 2013 15:47:32 ART

    Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr., The

    Submitted by: DJ Simo

    A Plethora of Easter Eggs
    Starting with the main menu screen. If the screen is left alone
    for around 30 to 40 seconds a short clip of Vampira will auto
    play and taunt the viewer. After the clip plays the main menu
    will reaper. The process will repeat ad nausea if no controller
    is touched.

    From the main menu, every static menu contains an Easter egg.
    Starting with the top left and working my way down and across
    our next stop is the scene selection menu.

    Back to the main menu and on into the Skeletons in the closet
    menu. At the main skeletons selection scene highlight the play
    feature option and move your remote to the right to reveal the
    egg. Guess what kiddies its more of your favorite damsel of the

    The next item of interest is the first of the real Easter Eggs
    on the menu screens. This one can be found on the main menu by
    highlighting the audio commentary selection and then by pressing
    or moving to the right with your remote. At this point a broken
    Egg (very appropriate) appears in the bottom right corner of the
    screen you have already highlighted it by moving right so all that
    you now need to do is select it by pressing your play button or
    your enter button. This is my favorite Easter Egg on the DVD.
    It is a south park style animation of cut outs sporting the
    infamous actors heads while the words Easter Egg la la la play
    (in a Beatles way). In all following Eggs it should be understood
    that you need to press play or enter in order to access the egg.

    To continue following the credits of the main feature you will
    be treated to another appearance by Vampira. You should be able
    to skip to the credits via the scene select and fast forward
    through the credits to see this. Make sure to turn down your
    sound for this encounter with the dark one.

    Scene selection menu Chapters 1-6 highlight chapter six and
    press to your right on your remote to reveal the egg.
    This is another attack from Vampira.

    Moving on to the scene selection menu chapters 7-12. this time
    highlight the word back at the bottom of the screen and push
    right on your remote to reveal the egg. This one treats you to
    a still shot of Tim Burton in fort of a movie marquee.

    Next scene selection screen chapters 13-18. This time highlight
    the main menu option and move your remote right again to reveal
    the egg. This reveals a note by Terri Zwigoff.

    Moving into the Audio commentary menu. Inside the menu highlight
    the Hollywood premiere selection and move your remote to the right
    to reveal the egg. This is a touching scene of two Ed Wood’s actors
    singing sweet Adeline. It appears to be an outtake from the reunion

    For the next bunch enter the photo galleries main menu and highlight
    the retro galleries selection this time push your remote to the left
    to reveal the egg. Surprise surprise its more Vampira.

    Now enter the submenus of the photo galleries. We start with the
    retro galleries. Inside the retro galleries the Egg is located
    by the back selection. Once more move the remote to the left to
    reveal the egg. This one contains some Tim Burton sketches.

    Now moving into the film galleries menu highlight he word back at
    the bottom and move your remote to the left to reveal the egg. You
    will be treated to more of Tim Burton’s sketches.

    Next we go to the road show galleries and once inside you should
    highlight the Palm Springs Road Show choice. Move the remote to
    the left to reveal this pages egg. This contains some more of
    Burton’s character sketches.

    For this last one move back to the Skeletons main menu and go into
    the DVD credits menu. At the end of the credits you are treated
    to more of Vampira’s teasing.