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    23 de setembro de 2013 10:05:45 ART

    Osmosis Jones

    Submitted by: Dj Simo

    Hidden Trailer
    Go to Languages and hit Continue. Push up and it highlights
    the pillhead push enter and you get a hidden trailer.

    Extra Clip
    In the special features menu, click on the road sign
    that says something about gas, it brings you to a
    funny clip.

    Action Montage
    Access the [languages] section then goto the 2nd page.
    Highlight [main menu] and press left on your remote.
    This will highlight Drix's head.
    Press [enter] and watch an action montage from the film.

    Hidden Cartoon
    Go to [Setup] or [Audio & Subtitles]. Go to [Subtitles],
    press [Next] until you reach the end and you will see some
    cartoon characters of Bill Murray´s insides. Press [Up],
    press the cartoon, and watch.

    The Funny Bone
    From the [Main Menu], go to [Frank's Gross Anatomy].
    From here select [The Earl of Hurl]. Highlight "Back"
    or "Take me to the scene" and press [Up] to highlight
    the Funny Bone. Press [Enter] to view a clip from the