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Simpson season one

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    24 de setembro de 2013 11:20:49 ART

    Simpson season one

    collectors item

    Easter Egg
    Magazine Covers / The Simpsons T-Shirt Controversy

    Access The Egg
    On the third disc, go to the "Art of the Simpsons" menu.
    Click on Bart's comic book, and this will take you to a
    gallery of magazine covers featuring "The Simpsons."

    Also on the third disc, go the the second page of the
    "Extra Features" menu. Then, click on Bart's T-shirt,
    and you'll find a news report about "The Simpsons"
    T-Shirt controversy.

    go to disc 3 click on your left button and barts shirt
    will light up and click it it tells you how bad the
    simpsons was

    Submitted by
    Jahn Gunnar Moe
    E-mail - [email protected]