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    24 de setembro de 2013 11:22:27 ART

    Sky High

    Pre-Production Artwork:
    From the [Main Menu] go to [Bonus Features]. Select the menu entry for the
    [Alternate Opening]. Press [Right]. Press [Down], this will highlight one
    of the bolts on the wheel. Press [Enter], and you will see a clip showing
    preproduction artwork for some of the movie's characters.

    Bonus Clip:
    Select the [Backstage Disney]. Highlight [Welcome To Sky High]. Press [Right].
    Press [Down] key, this will highlight the guinea pig on the right side of the
    screen, below the school bus window. Press [Enter] and you will see a clip
    about how hard it is to find a good guinea pig actor.

    From the [Main Menu] highlight [Scene Selection]. Press [Right]. Press [Down].
    Press [Left], This will highlight a circle in the dashboard of the bus.
    Press [Enter], and you will see a storyboard version of the cafeteria fight
    scene, which was part of the original pitch of the idea by the filmmakers to
    the studio.