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Tea Party, The

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    24 de setembro de 2013 12:02:42 ART

    Tea Party, The

    Submitted by: Dj Simo

    Directions to the Featurette
    The Easter Eggs are scattered for the most part within the
    "Discography" section of the disc, and do not seem to be in
    any specific order. Most are only a minute-and-a-half long,
    though at least one stretches to almost seven minutes in all.
    To access the first bunch of the shorter Easter Eggs, go from
    the Main Menu to the "Features" option, and from there click
    on "Discography." The resulting page shows all of the Tea
    Party's various CD releases. The eggs are available via only
    two of the CDs: the first one ("Splendor Solis") and the
    latest one ("Tangents"). If there are eggs hidden within
    the other CD sections of the disc, I couldn't find them.

    Similar Segments
    After selecting "Splendor Solis" in the above-mentioned
    Discography section, use your DVD remote to highlight the
    "Discography" option which is shown in the horizontal menu
    bar located at the bottom of the screen. Do *not* press
    enter at this point. Press "up" on your remote control instead
    (just once). The on-screen cursor box will disappear if you do
    this correctly. Press enter now. You will be taken to one of
    several available TV interview segments with the band, intercut
    with live concert footage (from 1993?). Other, similar segments
    can be found elsewhere in the "Splendor Solis" CD section, e.g.
    on the second of two "Special Facts" pages (press "up" to
    highlight "previous page" and then press "right" once and enter).
    Find other eggs in the "Release Dates" section and in the
    "Splendor Solis" Credits area.... just hunt around, they're there!

    Behind the Scenes Footage
    The back cover of the DVD itself mentions that one of the disc's
    main features is "behind the scenes footage" of the making of the
    latest Tea Party music video, "Walking Wounded." This interesting
    making-of featurette (roughly six-and-a-half minutes long) is
    ITSELF an Easter Egg, oddly enough. To get to it, once must first
    visit the "Tangents" section of the disc (as mentioned above).
    From there, go to the "Track Listings" area. Highlight the "