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VeggieTales - The Star of Christmas

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    24 de setembro de 2013 17:42:54 ART

    VeggieTales - The Star of Christmas

    Bonus Recording
    Go to the [Fun!] menu. Go to [Family Fun Activity], and go to
    the [Right]. A yellow star will appear in the upper righthand
    side of the screen. Select it and you will hear a recording
    of Goldie's Hogbottom Lard.

    Access the [Features] menu. Go [Down] until you reach the
    [Progression Reel], then [Left]. A yellow star will appear
    in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. Click on it and
    you will see the commentary by Tim Hodge.


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    10 de julho de 2019 16:28:20 ART

    This bonus recording is exactly what I was looking for today. There's one more thing I need. It's the letters from santa, and if you can give them to me, then I will be extremely happy. Can you help out today?

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    22 de julho de 2019 04:35:00 ART

    These cards are cute...I just wish they weren't so expensive! letter from santa This particular card is cute but the colors are not perfect. A little too brown for me. I looked them up on and they are about $14 but shipping is exorbitant!